La Boule Pure Beige

La Boule is deeply rooted in Villeroy & Boch’s DNA, with the original debuting in 1971. La Boule Pure Beige offers a modern take on functional art, incorporating the hottest trends in fashion and interior design. The relaxing cream and nude tones of La Boule Pure Beige feature an exciting interplay of matte and shiny surfaces. La Boule Pure Beige acts as both an eye-catching centerpiece and practical seven-piece dinner set for two—ideal for those living in apartments and other small spaces. It mixes and matches perfectly with our Manufacture and NewMoon tableware collections, is a great gift idea, and is both microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

La Boule Pure Beige
Rose Garden collection

Rose Garden

Walks in the early spring light, when the first rays of sunlight hit fresh greenery and pastel rosebuds. The sun shines and warms our faces. The smell of flowers is in the air. The upcoming Rose Garden collection captures these feelings and moments. The collection's design is highlighted by different shades of soft pinks and reds and delicate rose blossoms. Rose Garden is the answer to the longing for romantic rose gardens.

The collection will include tableware, glassware, table linen, gifts and accessories. The dinnerware is based on the beautiful shape of the For Me collection. The glassware features a new design based on the successful shapes of the Purismo and La Divina collections and captures romance through delicate lines of décor that create a subtle yet extremely beautiful refraction of light in the glass.

Rose Garden Home will include vases, lanterns, and textiles. The vases feature the same soft curved lines as the glassware, creating a wonderful refraction of light. Add gorgeous watercolor florals to your home with Rose Garden.

Coffee To Go Rock

The newest addition to the Coffee To Go line-up, Coffee To Go Rock features the same matte-black, slate-like finish as the popular Manufacture Rock collection. It’s a sleek and stylish way to carry your favorite hot beverage to go! Coffee To Go travel mugs are a great non-toxic alternative to bamboo and plastic options. Best of all, the Coffee To Go Rock mug includes a high-quality fabric sleeve with a leather look to protect your hands from heat.

Coffee To Go Rock

Explore the Newest Arrivals!

Crafted Blueberry

Joining the popular Crafted collection is a brand new color, Blueberry! With Crafted Blueberry, like. by Villeroy & Boch is expanding the existing color selection of Denim and Breeze to include a fresh and delicate blue that conveys lightness and adds vibrant color highlights to everyday life. The round shapes of the plates, bowls, coffee cups and mugs are strikingly minimalist and streamlined, creating a soothing effect with their clearly defined design. Whether individual colors or a combination of all the blue shades in mix and match arrangements, the result is always casual and upbeat.

The Crafted collection from like. by Villeroy & Boch is inspired by natural materials and colors, authentic shapes and perfect imperfection! This on-trend collection features a pottery-like look and each piece is one-of-a-kind thanks to the reactive glaze! The reactive glaze creates different color effects on the premium porcelain surface

All Crafted products are made from Premium Porclain and are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.

Crafted Blueberry collection
Avarua dinnerware


Inspired by wanderlust and exotic destinations, the Avarua collection is the newest addition to our collection of Signature premium bone porcelain. The collection features the same shapes as the popular MetroChic Blanc Signature collection. Influenced by the adventures of English explorer James Cook, his expedition across the Pacific Ocean, and his discovery of the idyllic Cook Islands, the Avarua Collection makes each meal an exotic escape. Named after the capital of the Cook Islands, the Avarua collection features fine 20K gold accents that conjure up a fantastic three-dimensional effect, bringing the collection to life! The various tropical florals and exotic birds on the crisp white and midnight blue backgrounds transport us to dreamy, faraway destinations.

Letters Mugs

First names, character traits, hobbies, star signs – one single letter can evoke so many associations. The new Letters collection features mugs with each letter of the alphabet. The striking black handwritten letters from A-Z contrast greatly with the white premium porcelain mug and add a personal touch. The Letters collection shows just how multi-faceted one single character can be. Featuring a rounded shape, the mug also radiates a cozy and relaxed feeling for enjoying some me time. Perfect to give friends, neighbors or a favorite colleague as a small gift with a personal message. Or to treat yourself!

Letters mugs
Lave home collection

Lave Home

Add a handcrafted look to your home with the new Lave Home collection. Each piece in this collection is unique, thanks to the reactive glaze which contains color pigments with different melting points that all react differently during the firing process. The result is a gorgeous variation in color and intentional unevenness in the surface, giving each piece a handcrafted, artistic look. The Lave Home collection of vases adds a wonderfully imperfect, eclectic charm to your home.

Manufacture Rock Flatware

Manufacture Rock flatware

Joining the popular Manufacture Rock family is a brand new matte black flatware collection. Manufacture Rock flatware features a high-quality, on-trend matte black finish with environmentally-friendly PVD coating that harmonizes perfectly with the white and black porcelain of the Manufacture Rock tableware collection. The flatware features a modern slim design and is dishwasher-safe.

To Go & To Stay

Sustainability, environmental protection, and a reduction in plastic consumption are at the core of the To Go & To Stay collection. Perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle, this collection features a variety of glass and porcelain containers and water bottles in on-trend colors. Colored-through premium porcelain in the lively color “mineral” gives the concept a light and easy feeling. The glass pieces come in a cool smoke tone and are a pollutant-free, reusable, tasteless and odorless alternative to other products. The pieces in the To Go & To Stay collection can be stored in the refrigerator and heated in the microwave. The silicone ring and seal provides a secure, spill-proof closure that’s ideal for transport. The collection is made of premium porcelain, silicone, and borosilicate glass and is dishwasher- and microwave-safe (silicone is not dishwasher- or microwave-safe).

To Go & To Stay collection
Manufacture Rock Glassware

Manufacture Rock Glassware


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