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Vases only became popular as true home accessories during the bourgeoisie heyday of the 18th century. As the public’s interest in beautiful flower arrangements within their homes increased, so did the variety of vases offered. Today, charming vases by Villeroy & Boch add an enchanting accent to any room, and help you add fragrant cut flowers to your living environment.

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Vases by Villeroy & Boch: For Exquisite Decorative Accents

Whether you choose a clear or colorful design, our diverse porcelain and glass creations offer outstanding quality and are a unique complement to your home ambiance. Villeroy & Boch places a premium on classic elegance and fine cuts, allowing our charming and exclusive vases to blend harmoniously into any living space. Accentuate your living room by contrasting elegant miniature vases, less than five inches tall, or with gracious floor vases at a grand 27.5-inches in height, making beautiful vases by Villeroy & Boch an eye-catching centerpiece in your home.

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