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Tea & Coffee

Serve Delicious Coffee and Tea Specialties in Style

There’s nothing quite like spending an afternoon with friends and family, enjoying coffee, tea, and homemade desserts. With elegant services by Villeroy & Boch, you can present delicious hot beverages and sweet treats to your guests in a truly special way!

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From the Coffeehouse to Your Daily Cup

The first coffee houses opened in the 16th century in the Ottoman Empire. Since then, there’s been nothing to stand in the way of this aromatic and stimulating drink. Besides water, coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. Today, we drink it in a variety of different ways – and not just at coffee houses and restaurants, but often every morning in our own homes. A high-quality coffee service can be a true companion throughout your day. Start off at breakfast with a freshly prepared cup of your favorite coffee and enjoy the refreshing effects of a strong espresso after lunch. In the afternoon, you can enjoy a cappuccino or latte – simply delicious!

The Finest Tea Service for Cozy Moments at Home

A piping hot cup of tea is the picture of comfort, especially during the colder months of the year. When the wind and rain are beating against your windows on those cold fall days, there's nothing more pleasant than getting cozy in your warm house to sip a cup of aromatic Earl Grey, Rooibos, or herbal tea. Tea services by Villeroy & Boch offer everything you need. From beautifully decorated teapots to tea storage containers and sugar bowls and perfectly shaped cups, we’ve thought of everything. High-quality platters are available in the same design for serving delicious cookies or snacks. Use a tasteful teapot warmer to ensure your favorite cup doesn't cool off too quickly.

A Perfect Combination of Design and Function

High-quality coffee and tea services by Villeroy & Boch successfully unite function and style, adding a special touch to your everyday life. Made of softly shimmering premium porcelain or premium bone porcelain, perfectly finished tableware pieces enrich any table setting. The diverse collection also matches a wide variety of needs and styles. Let your coffee table flourish with richly detailed floral decor or choose a sleek white option to experience the unique aesthetic of pure design.

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