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Egg Cups

Egg Cups by Villeroy & Boch – For A Stylish Breakfast

It's Sunday morning, and your breakfast table is set. You could get by just fine with a flat plate for a freshly prepared omelet, but if you enjoy a perfectly boiled egg for breakfast or brunch, beautiful egg cups by Villeroy & Boch are just the thing. Small yet purposeful, these unique breakfast items add an air of classic elegance to any table.

There are many different shapes of egg cups available. In classic styles, the bottom of the egg stands on the base. Egg cups with a bowl shape are another option, providing a place for salt or egg shells. The design that will best match your kitchen depends solely on your personal style. If you'd like to serve your guests multiple freshly boiled eggs at once then choose one of our charming egg platters, which offer space for up to 9 eggs.

Each individual porcelain egg cup is perfectly finished, so you can always spoon away without a care. Both classic and modern designs in the Villeroy & Boch series will provide a secure hold for your egg and remain steady on your table, no matter how large of an egg you're serving.