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Cheeseboards & Knives

Impress Your Guests

A selection of exclusive cheeses can be a true delicacy and is perfect for almost any occasion. To elevate your cheese selection and impress your guests, you need a sophisticated way to present it. The cheese boards from Villeroy & Boch offer eye-catching ways to serve a selection of cheeses to family and friends!

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A Variety of Flavors on a Single Tray

There are very few foods as versatile as cheese. Whether you choose sheep's or goat’s milk cheese or classic cow's milk cheese is a matter of taste; each variety has its own unique character, and is a healthy source of calcium. Different aging and production processes also diversify the cheese counter and make an inviting choice for serving on a cheese plate with a good bottle of wine. Drizzle aged parmesan with honey or bake brie topped with your favorite fruit preserves for a sweet option, or choose to serve fontina with black truffle oil for a savory option. The specially designed cheese knives from Villeroy & Boch aid you in cutting the perfect serving size for your next party.

Delicious Cheese Creations and Stylish Presentation

A carefully arranged cheese plate is a culinary high point for many different occasions. A creatively designed cheese buffet is sure to be a hit as an everyday party snack. To truly set the stage for your appetizers, you’ll need a stylish serving platter. Villeroy & Boch offers a variety of tasteful designs. Serve your guests a selection of savory cheese cubes ranging from spicy to mild on a rustic wooden serving board and add fresh grapes and cut figs for decoration – simply enchanting!

The Perfect Gift for Cheese Lovers

Anyone who appreciates a good cheese will also appreciate stylish presentation. The right cheese knife is an important addition to any practical and elegant cheese plate. A variety of options are available depending on the type of cheese you're serving. Special cheese slicers are designed for hard cheeses and can be used to cut parmesan or cheddar into razor-thin slices. A thin knife designed for soft cheese is great for portioning creamy camembert, gorgonzola, or mozzarella without mashing the cheese. If you like to enjoy cream cheese on a slice of crispy bread, the best tool is a spreading knife.

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