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Sugar Bowls

Whether they prefer a strong Darjeeling tea or coffee made from high-quality Arabica beans, many connoisseurs add just a touch of sugar to their hot drinks to create a truly tasty treat. A sugar bowl from Villeroy & Boch is a stylish way to add refined sugar, sugar cubes, or candied sugar to coffee or tea. Our sugar bowls, manufactured from high-quality porcelain, contribute an elegant touch to any coffee table, skillfully underscoring many different styles with their versatile designs.

Sugar Bowls from Villeroy & Boch: For a Sweet Touch in Your Tea and Coffee

Anyone who prefers a traditional look will want to complete their table setting with a classic white sugar bowl. Sugar bowls with sweeping lines add modern accents, creating a conscious stylistic inconsistency on the coffee table. An arrangement of colorful, rustic dishes in a French country style will look best alongside a lovely porcelain sugar bowl with a delicate floral pattern, fruits, or a landscape. A matching lid protects contents from moisture and gives the porcelain dish a traditional appearance that harmonizes very well with a classic marble cake and a refreshing cup of coffee on your table. Since porcelain is an outstanding material for storing sugar, Villeroy & Boch has concentrated on manufacturing premium porcelain and premium bone porcelain for our lovingly designed sugar bowls. These shock-resistant materials offer strong edge properties, and are designed for both every day and long-term use. Whether you choose vanilla sugar, enriched with a bourbon vanilla bean, or orange sugar refined with an untreated orange peel—the combined dish and lid will protect even aromatic sugars for a long period of time.