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16 Item(s)
16 Item(s)

Aesthetic Kettles by Villeroy & Boch - for Aromatic Tea

A refreshing spot of tea in the afternoon is simply a fact of life for many people, and a great way to enjoy a relaxing moment in the middle of a busy day. An enameled steel tea kettle by Villeroy & Boch is the perfect choice to easily brew your favorite tea right on the stove, and then elegantly serve it on your table. The charming design of a piping kettle awakens our longing for the good old days, holding around 70 oz of tea.

Whether you choose a strong Arabica or an aromatic Assam, the style and stove-to-table versatility of Villeroy & Boch’s quality kettles makes your favorite tea easy to prepare and enjoyable to serve. No matter whether you desire a look that is classic and elegant or modern and sleek, our kettle designs have something for every taste. In addition, it's easy to combine them with matching cups and saucers to perfectly round out any table setting.