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Cordial & Shot Glasses

10 Item(s)
10 Item(s)

Liquor and Shot Glasses by Villeroy & Boch for cordials and schnapps

If you’re planning to add some fine liqueurs, schnapps, or liquor to help you create a great atmosphere, you have to have the right glass. True connoisseurs know that liqueur shouldn’t be served either too hot or too cold; the right liqueur glass is key. The glass should be held by a long stem so that your hands do not warm the sides. Villeroy & Boch offers a wide range of cordial and shot glasses, available individually or in a set. Produced from brilliant crystal glass in professional manufacturing processes, Villeroy & Boch cordial and shot glasses not only radiate exclusivity; thanks to their rugged design, they can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. In many cultures around the world, it’s common to drink schnapps to calm the stomach after a large meal. Serve it to your guests in shot glasses that blend effortlessly with the other glasses on your dinner table. Select one of our high-quality porcelain collections for a stylish tableware choice. You can also serve your guests an aperitif before the meal in an elegant liqueur glass.