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Global Flair

Global Flair

From the luxurious and exotic Silk Road of ancient Asia, to the relaxed and unparalleled beauty of the modern-day Mediterranean, these globally-inspired pieces will transport you to lands well beyond your dining room whenever you need a mini escape.

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Globally-Inspired Dinnerware That Lets Your Mind Wander

Globetrotting without leaving the house. Our Trend Alert! Global Flair adds internationality to your dining area. Invite your dearest friends on an unforgettable mini escape around the world. From Europe to the mystical lands along the Silk Road, from the Amazon to the Far East – all have space on one table.

Take a Trip Around the World from the Comfort of Your Home

Create an atmosphere that puts you in the garden of a cozy French cottage with our tableware from our French Garden collection. Add a touch of Southern French Flair with dinnerware from our Artesano Provençal collection. Our Casale Blu collection allows you to add a Mediterranean ambience to your dining experience. Inspired by central Italy’s region of Umbria, Casale Blu features blue and green décor that brings Italian elegance to your home.

Continue your travel around the world to mystical Persia and regions along the famous silk road. Samarkand Mandarin pieces let the world of 1001 nights enter your dining area. The mandarin shades represent the desert like nature, while the delicate patterns carry you off to the Registan, the mosques and mausoleums of the city of Samarkand.From there it is just a short way to the Far East with selected pieces from the Royal Asia Collection and soup bowls especially created to enjoy Asian dishes. Clean shapes bring the typical far eastern tidiness to your table.

End the journey with pieces from our Amazonia collection, transporting you and your guests to the tropical rainforests of the Amazon. Delicate depictions of the local flora and fauna will make it easy to feel like you are therewithout ever leaving the coziness of your home. Even during your morning coffee, a tiny escape is possible with the help of our New Wave Cities of the World collection. Each mug in this collection depicts a major travel destination. Close your eyes, sip your tea or coffee and let your mind wander around one of those bustling cities.

For the Time-travelers Among Us

Globally-inspired dinnerware doesn’t just let you travel to different places but also through time. Carefully selected pieces from the Audun and the La Classica collections will bring you to a Europe of former times. The ambience and design of Duomo’s are recreated through the sophisticated geometric patterns of our La Classic Nuova collection. The Audun collectionlets you glimpse into daily life scenes of early France.

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