Celebrating 10 Years!

The Mariefleur Collection

The beloved Mariefleur collection is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Did you know this romantic collection is inspired by the famous painter, Claude Monet, and his beautiful garden that featured roses, peonies, violets, poppies, hibiscus & many other gorgeous flowers?

Inspired By Wanderlust

The Avarua Collection

Make every meal an exotic getaway with the new Avarua collection. Named after the capital of the Cook Islands, the Avarua collection features fine 20K gold accents that conjure up a fantastic three-dimensional effect, bringing the tropical botanicals and exotic birds to life! The floral and fauna pop against the crisp white & midnight blue backgrounds, transporting us to a dreamy paradise.


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Add a Hand-crafted Pottery Look to Your Table!

On Trend: Lave Beige

Lave Beige is the newest color addition to the popular Lave Collection. Each piece in the collection is unique, thanks to the reactive glaze that contains color pigments with different melting points that all react differently during the firing process. The result is a gorgeous variation in color, giving each piece a handcrafted, rustic look. Lave Beige joins Bleu, Gris, and Glace to round the collection.

Escape to the Tropics

The Amazonia Collection

Inspired by the Amazon River and its colorful wildlife, the Amazonia collection features deep blues, expressive greens, and bright reds depicting tropical butterflies, passion fruits, orchids, flowers of the Calliandra Grandiflora, and hummingbirds. The collection’s intricate design motif is perfectly accented by a delicate band of gold overlay, giving the design a three-dimensional effect!

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