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Though searching for the perfect glassware set can become tiring, Villeroy & Boch is here to help make the process easier with our Best-Selling Glassware category! Explore glassware favorites, from elegant and understated to more intricate styles. Find glassware that will perfectly round off your table—no matter the occasion!

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Glassware That Complements Any Occasion

Purismo and Ovid are timeless designs optimized to bring out the full bouquet and flavors of your beverage, especially wine. Both collections complement any occasion. Octavie lets you gracefully have a drink with their fashionable simplicity and the little hint of vintage. Miss Desiree lets your table shine in splendor. With every sip, lean back and enjoy the opulent atmosphere radiating from this collection. The flair of a European castle or an English manor is put into your dining area with our Boston glassware. Its traditional diamondlike hobnail relief and the short stems remind us of descriptions about extravagant and plentiful banquets of past royalties.

Glassware That Brings a Cheerful Pop of Color to Your Table

A splash of color here, another one there. Loosen up your dinner table with sprinkles of color with the Color Concept, Colorful Life, and Verona charger collections. The eye-catching glasses and buffet plates come in different colors to mix-and-match them or add one specific shade to the rest of the tableware.

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