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Collections of glass

Unparalleled Grace and Elegance

Gently shimmering glassware has many faces. That’s why Villeroy & Boch offers you a broad range of delicate glassware collections for different purposes. Immerse yourself in a sparkling world of perfectly shaped drinking glasses, sophisticated vases and graceful candleholders. Common to all of them is their high level of usability and a remarkable decorative value.

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The Perfect Glassware for Every Beverage

A harmonious tablescape not only requires a visually appealing arrangement of dinnerware and the fitting flatware. Only a set of brilliant glassware completes a carefully laid table. The various glassware collections by Villeroy & Boch make it easy for you to select the appropriate ensemble. Each collection exudes its own design language and spoils with an amazing uniqueness. Choose between richly ornamented versions with embossed patterns on the surface or go for outstanding purist looking glasses for sipping water, wine or other beverages. Streamlined champagne flutes are tailor-made for celebrating special moments.

Lend Splendor to Your Home

The glassware collections by Villeroy & Boch do not merely contain drinking vessels. Delightful looking candleholders and precious vases also bring a dash of luxury to your life. How about embellishing your dinner table with a thoughtfully composed bouquet of flowers arranged in an elegantly curved vase? Your guests will definitely be pleased! Enchanting candleholders equipped with gently flickering candles will accentuate the atmospheric ambience. The artfully grinded edges of the transparent glass break up the light and smoothly scatter it all over the scene.

Performing the Art of Glassware

Villeroy & Boch does not only look back on a prideful history of producing perfectly crafted porcelain products, but also has a long tradition in manufacturing glassware. Based on genuine craftsmanship we use thoroughly selected raw materials to fabricate high-quality products made of exquisite crystal glass. That is why our charming glassware collections impress with a particular brilliance and a distinctive sound. Although the individual pieces seem to be fragile, the solid crystal structure makes them extremely sturdy and robust. Most of them are even microwave safe and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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