The Villeroy & Boch tiles shown are licence products from V&B Fliesen GmbH

Black-and-white interior trend

A powerful pair – black and white: The self-confident expression of opposites

The black-and-white look is a true classic in interior design; although firmly established, it never ceases to be up-to-date. Designers all over the world rely on black and white in different variations of materials and finishes, confidently exploiting the oppositeness of these two (non-)colours, resulting in spaces with an almost breathtaking atmosphere of irresistible beauty.

Villeroy & Boch Fliesen has implemented the design theme of black-and-white in a variety of its ranges. There are basic and décor tile formats available with which to design exquisite black-and-white arrangements.

The courage of be bold

A wall that is completely black takes courage, but the impact is tremendous. Whether in the bathroom or living area, a black wall gives the room a stunning elegance. White walls can also create exciting effects.

With crystalline shapes, three-dimensional effects and velvety-looking finishes, the BIANCONERO tile range operates with the minimalist principle of "Less is more". With the wide range of possibilities that ceramics have to offer, gloss levels, finish textures and looks can be varied to make the tiles look like finest porcelain on the wall.

The MONOCHROME MAGIC wall concept is also presented systematically in black and white. The characteristic structure of the décor tiles resembles a braiding pattern that forms squares of equal sizes. The result is a three-dimensional cubic structure that generates ever-new reflections and interesting effects depending on the observer’s perspective and the incidence of light: a vivid picture on the wall that invites the beholder’s touch. 

In stark contrast

When black and white are used together, they structure a space with contrasting finishes, both decoratively and functionally. For example, a low frieze made of glossy, black tiles with white strip skirting and a rounded border, all from the BIANCONERO range, gives the interior a look that is both classic and modern at the same time. Black and white furniture and accessories underscore the individual touch.

In the bathroom, MONOCHROME MAGIC ensures a stylish ambience, with compelling functionality. These 40 x 120-cm nonvitreous tiles are ideal for tiling shower areas: thanks to the length of 120 cm, it takes just one tile to cover the entire width of a modern shower, resulting in fewer joints on the walls. This means the tiles are not only particularly easy to clean but they also look harmonious and elegant. The tiles create their spacious surface effect best when laid horizontally to lend visual breadth to a room. The perfect accompaniment: red accents.

An exemplary duo

Black and white are also perfect partners when it comes to patterns. Whether it’s a herringbone, chessboard, diamond or patchwork pattern, clear geometries in black and white have just as much impact as sweeping decorative elements. With no need for colour, there is no risk of overloading the décor. On the contrary: because black-and-white décor reduces things to the essentials, it is just as well suited to elegant and minimalist interior designs.

Subtle and simple yet effective, the BIANCONERO range offers an avant-garde interpretation of the classic chessboard on the wall with a variety of narrow formats. And on the floor, black and white porcelain stoneware tiles from the CENTURY UNLIMITED collection make their grand entrance: inspired by the successful Mettlach tiles from the end of the 19th century, they can be used to create layouts that range from the scaled-back to the embellished. Soft shades of grey convey elegance and bring a sense of balance to ‘carpets of tiles’ and patchwork patterns.