From the bean to pleasure

How do you like to start your day? A freshly brewed cup of coffee is the way many people like to greet the morning. Even the aroma of the coffee can have a revitalizing effect. Its well-rounded taste makes it an experience that has been celebrated with centuries of coffee culture. With a pretty coffee cup and a tempting foam you can make the taste experience into a visual delight as well.

Coffee - Eye-opener and enjoyment in one But before that beloved hot beverage ends up in your cup, it has a long journey behind it, and we’ll describe that for you here. Dive into the world of coffee and learn more about coffee types, coffee cultivation, coffee roasting and - of course - the many different ways that the aromatic beverage can be prepared.

Coffee types

Go to the supermarket and you can see coffee in all its variety - with all of the many coffee types and unique aromas. The majority of all these coffee sorts are based on two botanically different coffee plants: Coffea Arabica and Robusta, a subspecies of Coffea Canephora. 


The Arabica beans make up about 70 percent of the coffee beans on the market. They grow best in high altitudes, about 1,000 meters or more, and need a stable climate. To ripen, the coffee berries need a lot of time, about nine to eleven months. Coffee beans have a particularly multi-faceted aroma. The Arabica beans are very sensitive to pests, making a failed crop not infrequent.


Unlike with the Robusta beans. These beans are considerably sturdier compared to their sensitive relatives - both in terms of pests and climate conditions.h That is why Robusta can be cultivated in low lands as well as regions with big temperature fluctuations. Robusta beans develop an earthy, low-acid aroma and contain about double the amount of acid as Arabica. 

Other coffee sorts, such as Liberica with its particularly high caffeine content, Excelsa with a distinct earthy note and Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee around known for its characteristic aroma from the intestines of the wild civet, are just a quick few of all the different types of coffee that are available.

Plantations and woodland gardens

Whether in Brazil, Vietnam or Columbia: Coffee cultivation spans the entire equator, the so-called coffee belt. Brazil is the world’s largest producer with about 34 percent of all coffee. No wonder: The climate provides the best conditions for coffee cultivation. Coffee plantations of Arabica and Robusta flourish as monocultures under the Brazilian sun. The Brazilian coffee sorts have a balanced, full taste. 

Coffee cultivation in Ethiopia - the original home of coffee -is different. There, in the Ethiopian high lands, coffee is still grown primarily by traditional, small farmers in woodland gardens. The Arabic bushes sprout here in the shade of giant trees. The mixed woodlands provide natural protection against pests. Fertilizer and pesticides are not needed in woodland gardens. The red coffee berries are first harvested when they are completely ripened - and then they are picked by hand using a time-consuming method. 


An expression of a life style

After the coffee beans have been roasted and given their own unique look and aroma and they have been ground, it’s time to begin preparation of the stimulating hot beverage. But this is where opinions sharply divide as evidenced by the many ways of preparing coffee. In other words: The way that someone prepares their coffee should be an expression of their personal life style. How do you like your coffee the best? Below, you’ll find a selection of different ways of preparing it.

French press or ‘cafetiere’

This quick and easy preparation method uses a metal sieve to filter the coffee grounds and hot water which are pressed through it.

Karlsbad coffee maker

Coffee pleasure meets aesthetics in this most beautiful way of preparing coffee. The coffee grounds are filtered through a taste-neutral, special porcelain sieve into the Karlsbad coffee maker.

Fully automatic preparation

Fully automatic coffee makers make the desired coffee appear at the press of a button and, depending on the model, even add a crema.

Now it’s time to enjoy!

Whatever type of preparation you like to start your day: Make sure it tastes good. Our beautifully designed coffee cups ensure that it's a real pleasure by creating a little oasis of calm for tanking new energy, not just in the mornings.

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