Spring and color

Embrace the loveliest time of the year with delicate flower designs

Magical spring colors for your table

The world awakens from hibernation with the first signs of spring. Bring the spring season to life in your home – porcelain with floral designs and delicate pastel shades make any table bloom with life. Colorful pillows, napkins and vases add cheerful accents and transform your table into a colorful spring meadow. Enjoy the loveliest time of the year!

“Colorful tableware in
creative combinations"

Have fun mixing and matching! Combine Mariefleur with Rose Cottage, for example, to lighten up the mood of your table. Distribute freshly cut flowers between the plates for a spontaneous and carefree look. And why not use a palm leave instead of a buffet plate for change? This adds some great contrast to our colorful coffee dishware. Let your imagination run wild!

The perfect lemon cake

Quick and easy apple blackberry tart

It’s tea time!

If twiddling your thumbs and cultivated stuffiness comes to mind, you’re wrong! Because afternoons are a great time to enjoy chatting with your friends. And there’s no better way than with colorful dishes from the Rose Cottage collection. A colorful tea set that is elegant but can also be used every day. The items always put people in a good mood. Grab some fresh lemons to liven things up even more.