Decorate your home for the holidays


For a traditional Christmas, a tree and the nativity scene can’t be forgotten. But the Christmas mood isn’t perfect until the right candles and decorative figures have been found. Make it flowery this year. Our unique vases in various colors are a perfect match. Have fun browsing!


Every year we create a very special Christmas collection with a different theme for you to collect and gift. The annual Christmas Edition 2017 North Pole Express brings back childhood memories inspired by the children’s classic “The Polar Express” by Chris van Allsburg.

Christmas tree decorations

The Christmas tree is the core of Christmas. Everyone trims it differently, but they all have one thing in common - little lights and shiny ornaments. You’ll find decorations for every taste: the Classic Christmas collection for the classicists, the Nostalgic Christmas for traditionalists or My Christmas Tree for the festive. You can even tuck a little treat in the magnetically closing Christmas Balls. And under the tree, the Nativity Story nativity scene will tell the story of Christmas.

Candles, light strings and sweet treats

The Toy’s Fantasy and Christmas Light are highlights of this year’s collections. The pretty platters are inspired by the old-fashioned waxed paper Christmas plates used for the Christmas goodies, called “Bunter Teller” in German. Add some little Christmas Light votive candle and it really feels like Christmas at home. Sweet treats for snacking and gifts fit perfectly in the gift boxes from the Christmas Toys collection.


Our Christmas highlight is the North Pole Express collection: Villeroy & Boch takes you on the magical journey of the Polar Express. Create a fairytale winter world with the miniature houses, trees and trains in this exceptional collection that awakens slumbering childhood memories. Come with us on a journey to the far north.