Live sustainably

10 tips for your contribution to environmental protection

How can you live sustainably? How can we ensure that our grandchildren and great grandchildren also have a future worth living on planet earth? Of course, there is more than one right answer to these questions. Because everyone can do something every day that protects the earth’s ecosystem and protects it and with it the habitat of us humans. Acting sustainably is important today and in the future – it’s about critically questioning our own consumption and reducing it. This is done, for example, by saving on unnecessary packaging, by consciously choosing resources and material, through less meat consumption and through environmentally friendly behavior in everyday life.

In this article, we have put together 10 tips on “living sustainably” for you which you can use every day to make a small contribution to environmental protection.

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What you can do to protect the environment

Almost every day on the news you see new terrible stories about the impact of climate change: Bush fires and forest fires that are out of control. Species that are dying out every minute, because their habitat is endangered. Storm disasters that destroy entire livelihoods in a few seconds. All of this is happening right now – and not just far away from us, but also right here in Europe and in Germany. We don't feel all of the effects of climate change, environmental pollution and overexploitation of nature directly. But we are affected nevertheless, even if it is indirectly.

That is why many people ask themselves: What can we do to protect the environment? The answer is often simpler than expected: There are a lot of things that can add up to have a big impact. That is why environmental protection and living sustainably really concerns everyone.

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Live sustainably:
Clever Cooking baking dish
Clever Cooking baking dish
Clever Cooking baking dish