Stylishly set the table with flatware

for a tasteful arrangement

In addition to find porcelain plates, the flawless flatware completes the tasteful ambiance at the table. Whether a festive dinner or a big family breakfast, the arrangement of the flatware follows set rules. A faux pas in the flatware arrangement impairs the harmonious appearance of the otherwise carefully arranged table. Difficulties can arise as soon as the menu consists of several courses. With such dimensions, some people quickly lose track of the sequence and arrangement in which flatware and plates are set on the table. Read the following to find out how to set the flatware correctly and stylishly according to the menu.

How to set the table attractively – Flatware arrangement

The flatware arrangement follows a clear system: For a multi-course dinner, set the flatware in the sequence of the menu – from the outside to the inside. Flatware pieces that are picked up with the right hand go on the right. Dining tools for the left hand go to the left of the charger plate, which forms the center of the place setting. In just a few seconds, our video explains how to arrange flatware correctly on the table:

Forks to the left of the place setting

The fish fork should not be missing if a delicate piece of salmon is served. It is arranged on the outer left, because it is first used as a fork for the starter. The fork for the main course is directly next to this – right next to the plate.

Knife and soup spoon to the right of the place setting

Set the soup spoon on the far side of the plate. The fish knife is placed in the middle. Place the knife for the main course directly next to the plate with the cutting edge facing the place setting.

Dessert flatware above the place setting

You can set the dessert flatware above the charger plate. The handle must point to the hand that is used to pick up the respective flatware piece: The dessert fork tines point to the right and the spoon faces left.

Bread plate to the left next to the row of flatware

If a fresh ciabatta or focaccia is served, place the bread plate to the left next to the row of flatware. The matching bread knife is arranged on the right edge.

How to set the table for left-handed diners

If the flatware is used by left-handed people when heating, the arrangement also follows special rules. According to the Knegge style guide, you are now allowed to discreetly change  the flatware pieces at the start of each course in order to adopt a position that is correct for you.

Setting the table for breakfast or coffee

A fixed flatware arrangement is not only reserved for festive dinners, but the correct arrangement of a flatware set at a family breakfast also creates a tasteful ambiance for a meal together. For a breakfast setting, only the knife is to be set on the right, which forms the end of an imaginary line with the lower edge of the plate. The tea or coffee spoon is to be placed next to the cup on the saucer. The handle must be arranged parallel to the handle of the cup, creating an atmospheric appearance.

Proceed similarly when setting the coffee table: A cake fork is used to enjoy the cake. You also set this on the right so that your guests can quickly and easily pick it up.

Which flatware goes with which dishes?

The knife, fork and spoon are the basic equipment of flatware that can be found in every household, which is a stylish companion to everyday life. However, special dishes and sophisticated occasions require a wide variety of flatware. Special flatware meets the special requirements that some dishes involve:

Fish flatware:for effortlessly cutting a tender fish fillet
Steak knife:for cutting juicy meat delicately
Oyster and lobster fork:for enjoying seafood in style

On special occasions in particular, you should also reach for the right flatware for the dish. In addition, the high-quality flatware ensembles are characterized by the fact that they combine stylish design with functionality. Selected materials give the cutlery a long life and protect it from rusting.

Villeroy & Boch uses high-quality material in its flatware sets that are manufactured in complex manufacturing processes. The flatware collections in numerous styles offer the right flatware for every occasion and taste.

The place setting, table linens and flatware determine the ambiance

Classic table flatware is part of the basic equipment of any fine dining. As dining tools, they are primarily used to stylishly cut and pick up the served food. Together with the table linens and laid out place settings, the table flatware determines the ambiance of the respective meal, which can easily be disturbed by small mistakes in the flatware arrangement. When setting the table, the flatware arrangement should be given a lot of attention to ensure an atmospheric overall look of the table.

For festive evening events consisting of several courses, the set flatware pieces indicate to the guest before the meal even begins that several dishes will be served. This ensures that your guests are already planning for dessert during the starter and main course so that the dessert does not remain untouched.