Joyful coffee cups for those who love coffee as much as animals

Collectible cups pay tribute to the animals of our world

Create your own colorful animal world with our Animals of the World collection. Every cup of coffee takes you on a journey around the world. Discover fascinating animals in their natural beauty. The interplay of the design and the unique shape of NewWave is a real pleasure.

Collection details:
NewWave Caffè Animals of the World

• Popular collection since 2015
• Collectors mug, every year a new motif and pattern
• Premium porcelain
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe

2018 – Vibrant birds from arid climates

The four birds that decorate the unique NewWave Caffè cups are happiest in the wide-open grasslands and arid savannas. These consorts with eye-catching colorful plumage can be met in many places, from North America to southern Europe, from India to Southeast Asia - and now also at home when having coffee with friends and family.

The Red Cardinal

The scarlet red cardinalils cardinalis can be found from Canada to Mexico where its distinctive dash of color is welcomed in gardens and parks summer or winter.

The Hoopoe

The upupa epops loves a warm climate and open country. From the Mediterranean to Sumatra, its top crown of orange and black feathers leaves quite an impression.

The Green Avadavat

The green amandava formosa is native to India and is an endangered species. It likes to nest in reeds, tall grass or bushland in flocks close together.

The Lilac-Breasted Roller

From Ethiopia to Namibia, the coracias caudatus lives in tree savannas and open bushland. The widespread African bird is colorfully feathered from head to tail.

2017 – South American exotics

They come in every color and size and can be found throughout the world – butterflies. Every year caterpillars emerge from their chrysalis as gorgeous butterflies in shimmering colors. The butterfly species in Central and South America are particularly worthy of protection. These unique butterflies can now be found on the NewWave Caffè cups.

The Beautiful

The morpho cypris butterfly from Colombia honors its name: ‘Morpho’ means beautiful because when light hits the shimmering blue wings they are at their best.

The Magnificent

The name of the Cuban butterfly phoebis avellandeda pays homage to the writer Avellandeda. Its wings glow with rich yellow and red tones.

The Noble

The rare fountainea nobilis peralta, or leafwing butterfly, from Costa Rica, has a look of elegance with its red and black wings.

The Secretive

The colors of the theritas mavors butterfly from Brazil is well camouflaged among the leaves. When it stretches its wings to take off, the green shimmers especially beautifully.

2016 – Colorful natives of the Indo-Pacific

These sleek cups are adorned with four different patterns of fish species from the Great Barrier Reef and the fascinating underwater world. Clownfish, powder blue tang, triggerfish and Moorish idol add color and life to the unique NewWave shape. 

The Clown Anemonefish

The clownfish, also known as anemonefish, lives in the Indo-Pacific and is known for its white and orange stripes. It lives in ocean anemones for protection.

The Powder Blue Tang

The powder blue tang is at home in the Great Barrier Reef and, thanks to its blade-like tail tips, can defend itself well in this environment.

The Triggerfish

Triggerfish can reach more than three feet in length. This graceful underwater animal has earned the respect and fascination of divers.

The Moorish Idol

The Moorish idol prefers to live in coral reefs. This colorful fish lives mostly in pairs or small groups and can be found up to 180 meters deep.

2015 – Colorful inhabitants of banks and coastal areas

The NewWave Caffè Animals of the World collection was launched in 2015 with four gorgeous patterns of rare aquatic birds. Discover the enchantment of these very different birds that are native to areas around the world, from South America to Asia. They have one thing in common: They all love water and have chosen coasts or banks and shores as their habitat. 

The Brown-Throated Conure

Eupsittula pertinax is a true Latino. Found in the warm climates of South America and the Caribbean, this parakeet stands out with elegant plumage and loud chirping.

The Pink Flamingo

The brilliant phoenicopterus roseus likes a warm and dry climate. It fishes in the salty sea on its long, elegant stilt-like legs, from the Caribbean to Asia.

The Kingfisher

Alcedo atthis is an iridescent fisher. When it forays into a central European river, its blue feathers blend with the water providing perfect camouflage.

The Bee-Eater

The merops apiaster is one of the most colorful birds in Europe and Africa. Its exotic plumage is an eye-catcher in trees and bushes along banks and shores.