Fine dining – timeless elegance

Enjoy the combination of classic and modern design. When designs from the past meet contemporary functional aesthetics, a unique dinnerware collection is the result. Villeroy & Boch's roots can be experienced first hand. The refined yet modern forms give the fine, white Premium Bone Porcelain service a subtle and luxurious feel. La Classica Nuova – Ideal for presenting delicious creations.

Inspiration from tradition

Delicate, sensual and inspiring: The new La Classica Nuova decor has a simple beauty. Classic  elegance designed with a modern shape, it manages to be both sophisticated and practical. Villeroy & Boch’s unique formula for Premium Bone Porcelain was developed in the 18th century and allows for each piece to be sleek and ultra thin, while maintaining a very durable structure. Each piece is finished with a unique shine – further underlining the luxurious character of this high quality service.

Classic designs and modern forms

La Classica Nuova is inspired by classical architecture reflecting traditional values and ideals. The unique shapes combine both design and function, making for everyday use a pleasure to behold. Create breathtaking table settings with ease.