A vivid spectacle of colors and shapes for modern dinner service.

With Amazonia Anmut, Villeroy & Boch is extending the fascinating and successful Amazonia decor inspired by Alexander von Humboldt onto the timeless, round shapes of our Anmut collection. Exciting, exotic and modern, this dinnerware is a delightful canvas of colors and shapes to present your culinary creations upon.

Very special gift ideas for design enthusiasts and fans of color.

Each Amazonia product is a beautiful statement piece, and thus a wonderful gift idea. The shapes themselves create an exotic flair, and the effect that the decor has when it "grows" beyond the crockery is particularly fascinating! Give exotic fruits in the leaf dish or let blossoming twigs sprout out of the teapot for a unique gift that your friends will love.

The true beauty of nature: A decor inspired by Alexander von Humboldt.

Amazonia is an exotic decor pattern inspired by the work of Alexander von Humboldt, a renowned botanist. This design copies drawings created by v. Humbolt, transporting diners to an exotic tropical paradise full of lush greenery, vivid colors and beautiful wonders of nature.

An exciting diversity of shapes – natural, angular and round.

Combine the new round Amazonia Anmut shapes with the existing angular Amazonia plates and leaf dishes, and a new look is created. The vivid play of shapes is exciting and fresh- the perfect complement to the dinnerware’s vibrant décor scheme. Mix in whites from Modern Grace and Anmut to keep a uniform shape and the style options for your table are endless!