Ingredients for about 15 cakepops:

• 120 g ground almonds
• 250 g spekulatius cookies
• 50 g soft butter
• 75 g cream cheese
• marrow of one half vanilla bean
• zest from one half orange
• 150 g dark chocolate couverture

Spekulatius Almond Cakepops


1. Mix butter and cream cheese in a bowl until creamy. Crumble the spekulatius cookies and mix with the vanilla, orange zest and almonds into the butter/cream cheese mixture. Shape 15 little balls and allow to chill.

2. Melt couverture. Dip one end of the cakepop stick quickly into the couverture. Then poke the cake ball onto the stick. Now completely dip the balls in the couverture and then sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles.

Tip: To give the cakepops a Christmassy look, shape them like a cone and then dip them in white chocolate couverture tinted with green food coloring.

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