2 Portions

• 2 to 4 brioches, depending on your hunger level
• Fresh raspberries
• 13½ tablespoons sugar
• 3½ oz butter
• ¾ cup whipped cream
• 2 teaspoons “Fleur de sel” (French sea salt)

Crème de caramel au beurre salé with brioches and fresh raspberries


1. Melt the sugar in a large skillet over a low heat until a light caramel is formed (this can take between 10 and 15 minutes). The caramel is best if you gently slew the sugar around the skillet repeatedly instead of stirring. Make sure that the caramel is not too dark, otherwise the crème will be too bitter. When the caramel has adopted a light brown color, you can add the butter and mix everything together until it develops a creamy consistency. Now's the time to add the “Fleur de sel”.

2. Next, heat the whipped cream gently in a saucepan, but do not bring to the boil! When the whipped cream is lukewarm you can gently and slowly stir it into the caramel/butter mixture and cook over a low heat for two minutes. Finished!

3. The “crème de caramel au beurre salé” can now be poured into jars and left to cool. When it has cooled, it is time to have breakfast: place a brioche and some raspberries on a plate and pour over the “creme de caramel au beurre salé”. Bon Appétit!

Mariefleur breakfast plate
Mariefleur breakfast plate
Mariefleur breakfast plate