For pizza pros and hobby chefs

Pizza Passion offers everything true pizza lovers need to serve pizza with a touch of simple elegance – whether for a romantic date night or a large get-together with friends and family. A pizza stone and wooden pizza peel, platters with integrated grooves for easy cutting, and practical personal plates help get the pizza fresh from the oven to the table. With the Topping Set, people can add flavor to their own slices for a personalized taste experience.


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The four-piece Topping Set from our Pizza Passion collection, consisting of three bowls and a serving tray, is the perfect way to dish up ingredients for people to season and decorate their own pies. After all, there are countless possibilities when it comes to creating a slice of heaven: From chopped onions, capers and herbs to fresh figs, parmesan, arugola or avocado slices, there is no limit to your imagination.

How to bake pizza Italian style: The Pizza Stone distributes heat evenly and reduces leaking, creating a mouth-wateringly crunchy crust. Getting the pizza out of the oven is easy with the Pizza Peel. A slightly raised edge on one side of the Pizza Stone as well as the flat shape of the Pizza Peel ensure that the pizza ends up on your plate rather than in your oven.