For four servings:

• 4 pork chops
• red and yellow bell peppers, chopped
• 1 red chili pepper
• 2 sprigs each rosemary and thyme
• 4 tbsp olive oil
• sea salt, coarsely ground pepper
• 6 oz lettuce (spinach, radicchio, arugula, watercress)
• salad dressing made of 3 tbsp yogurt, salt, pepper, 1 tbsp olive oil
• 1 tsp mustard, 1 tsp chopped chives
• barbecue sauce


1. For the marinade, mix 3 tbsp olive oil with 1 tsp each of the chopped thyme and rosemary leaves, then rub the seasoning on the pork chops and let them sit for 2 hours at room temperature.

2. Place the pork chops on the preheated grill, directly over the hot charcoals, and sear for about 2 minutes on each side until a nice crust has formed. Move the charcoals to one side and finish cooking the meat on the side away from the heat, turning frequently, for about 4-5 minutes.

3. Season with sea salt, pepper, the remaining herbs, chopped peppers and chili, and the remaining olive oil.

4. For a classic Spanish BBQ, the meat should remain slightly pink and soft to the touch – the ideal core temperature should be 136.6-140 degrees Fahrenheit. If possible, use a digital meat thermometer to measure.After that, lightly cover the pork chops with aluminum foil and let them rest for at least 5 minutes on a preheated plate, turning them once. This ensures the even distribution of heat and juices.

5. Wash and dry the salad and prepare it with the yogurt dressing.

Serve with: Barbecue sauce (or a spicy tomato chutney).

Preperation time

• Marinating 2 hours

• Grilling and rest time: about 15 minutes