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What should we cook this year?

Traditional or modern: Easter is a wonderful time for cooking together. Use the holidays to created culinary high points and spoil your guests, family members and, last but not least, your self with classic and modern dishes.

Shortcrust pastry Easter cookies with sugar icing

Puff pastry bunnies with scrambled eggs

Little rabbit pastries

Vegetable Quiche

Poppy-seed Braid Recipe

Sweet Potato Mango Soup Recipe

Easter Bunny Pancake Recipe

Spring pasta

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Modern dishes for Easter

A modern trend is to forgo meat, not only at Easter time. Choose seasonal vegetables, instead, such as in combination with a classic yeast dough, and serve guests a hearty yeast wreath with basil-tomato-pesto. Or a hearty bell pepper soup, which can be garnished with fresh cress.

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