Oh, Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decoration with loving details

The Christmas tree is the center of a holiday home for many people during Advent and Christmas. For us, it is a beloved harbinger of Christmas whose bright lights bring happy anticipation - for all the Christmas presents as well as a contemplative time in the circle of loved ones. Decorating the Christmas tree together is still a lovely tradition in many family that can be enriched with our lovingly detailed Christmas tree ornaments.


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Nostalgic ornaments

The porcelain ornaments in this collection inspire a nostalgia/classic decoration style, don’t make the tree seem overloaded, and harmonize well with warm LED lighting.

Toy's Delight saucer

Juliane’s decoration tip:

Toy's Delight bread plate as tree ornament

Decorate your tree creatively

Original Christmas tree decorations can be wonderfully combined with classic porcelain figures and other ornaments. In countries like Germany, a nativity scene is also an integral part of the Christmas tree. The manger from the Christmas Toys Memory collection help you tell the Christmas story in your living room and make children’s eyes light up.

Every year

Christmas is the time of harmony - everything should simply blend. When it comes to decorating the tree, you can simply set a good example: Our ornament collections combine beautifully together and can create an individual mood for your tree year after year. Be careful to hang the ornaments far enough towards the inside of the tree so that they don’t slip off the branch as the tree gradually loses its freshness.

Toy's Delight Decoration

These ornaments, rich in details, deserve front row placement on your Christmas tree, whether beautifully shaped balls with our popular Toy's Delight pattern or playful miniature versions of our holiday porcelain.