Christmas decorations of fine porcelain

Classic decoration ideas from Villeroy & Boch give your home holiday magic

One of the biggest pleasures during the Advent time is decorating the house together with wonderful, wintry decorations. You’ll find wonderful Christmas decoration ideas for every room in the house at Villeroy & Boch - your entire house will sparkle with holiday magic. Make the time before Christmas Eve more memorable than ever for your loved ones.


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Toy’s Fantasy

The loving details in our Toy’s Fantasy collection, with their Christmas colors and playful images, recall pleasant childhood memories, whether used as holiday decoration or for presenting your Christmas cookies.

Harmony in shape and color

Harmoniously together in a pleasant atmosphere - probably everyone of us would like this at Christmas time. Your wish can come true with our Toy’s Fantasy bowls and cookie plates. These items of delicate porcelain can be fabulously combined with each other and with your other holiday decoration as well.


Christmas Toys Memory

If you want to add to your holiday decorations at home, you can rely on our Christmas Toys to help you. This collection is like a magical wonderland where Santa and his friends await you.

Ring in Christmas with our decoration ideas

The advent of the holiday season makes hearts beat a little faster, and not just those of children. Self-made Christmas decorations - a woven wreath, a ribbon and bow, a few fir branches - all have their very own special charm. You can complement them with any of our many decoration ideas. Combine your creations with our beautiful snow globes, figurines, plates and ornaments to create your very own personal Christmas at home.

Cherish values and spread joy

Christmas is a time for quiet and reflection about the things that really make us happy, especially in our fast-paced life. Brief moments can be full of joy, memories of our own childhoods, or the certitude that comes from depending on cherished values. All of these intangibles are expressed in our Christmas Toys decoration ideas - with a quality that will continue to spread joy for generations to come.

Tree and manger decorate your home

Christmas stays alive through lovingly built traditions. They don’t need to be the same everywhere, but almost all of them share the festive decorations with Christmas tree and a manger. Two lasting symbols that tell us in a magical way: It's very Christmassy.

Complete Christmas product selection

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