Appetite for friendship

Celebrate summer

Finally! There they are again, those very special moments. When we are sitting with friends in the garden and enjoying what we conjured up together beforehand on the grill and in the kitchen. What could be better than such a delicious meal with people who are close to our hearts? Time for barbecue flavors, salads, desserts and shared moments that will become lasting memories.


Barbecuing is more than just meat and charcoal. Conjure up an experience of appetizers, drinks, side dishes and lovely table decor. The flipping, spicing, serving and enjoying is even better with our BBQ Passion series: Steak plates with practical compartments for sauces and sides or serving dishes with a spit function and drip grooves for very special delicacies. Happy grilling!


Your wild card at the BBQ party is a good selection of side dishes. Why not a casserole? With a little imagination, the standard turns into a complete reinvention. The baking pans from our Clever Cooking series are the perfect aid here - now also available hand-painted in three colors. Enjoy combining, seasoning and cooking au gratin.

“The purpose of eating and cooking is being together!”


Enjoyable inspiration for shared moments

Sweet treats from the grill

When all the steaks are off the grill, there is still enough heat and appetite for a nice dessert. But please do not heat up any of the go-to’s! How about recipe ideas for sweet figs, grilled chocolates, fruit skewers or crispy berry nest pastries? By the way, each of these sweet inspirations is a clear case for the BBQ Passion grill pans.

By the way: Italian focaccia


This culinary tradition from Liguria always makes a perfect side or appetizer. It is best enjoyed fresh and homemade: Flour, salt, crescenza cheese, water and oil. That’s all you need.

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