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Online Bathroom Planner

Design your bathroom in the comfort of your home

Online Bathroom Planner

Plan your bathroom design with our online Bathroom Planner

A tastefully planned bathroom is like a personal oasis of well-being in your own home - a place to retreat, to relax and to regenerate. Enjoy this added quality of living under your own roof, whether as a new construction or a renovation project.

Design your dream bathroom with the online bathroom planner and then create a virtual view in just a few steps.

Start planning now

Design your dream bathroom now.

Here’s how to design your bathroom

Step 1 Bathroom Planning: Create your room shape

Create the individual room structure.

Step 1
Step 2 Bathroom Planning: Structural requirements

Add windows,
doors, and connections.

Step 2

Design your ideal bathroom.

Step 3
Step 4 Bathroom Planning: Your Bathroom plan

Have your bathroom design sent.

Step 4
Step 5 Bathroom Planning: Dealer search

Let your local dealer help you.

Step 5

1. Floor plan

Use our pre-defined standard room shapes to create a basic floor plan with the dimensions of your bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t correspond to any of the default standard shapes, you can use “FREE-FORM ROOM” to create a room from scratch with your dimensions. To take ceiling slopes into account in your bathroom design, click on the ceiling symbol inside the walls that are affected.

Step 1 Bathroom planning: Floor plan

2. Structural requirements

To make your plan reflect the actual conditions in your bathroom, add the existing windows and doors and electrical/water connections in the second step. The 3D bathroom planner will take these into account as you continue designing your bathroom so that when you implement it, there are no surprises.

Step 2 Bathroom planning: Structural requirements

3. Planning

Use Villeroy & Boch’s unique collections to find and select products you like and place them in the desired spot on your floor plan. If structural conditions make it impossible to place something, the bathroom planner immediately warn you. Thanks to the variety of views and perspectives, it's easy to coordinate individual products exactly and then view the design in 3D.

Step 3 Bathroom planning: Planning

4. Your bathroom plan

After you have successfully finished designing your bathroom, you may have your design and all of the product information you need as well as additional design options sent to you as a PDF. Just enter your first name, last name and email address in the boxes shown for this and within a short time, you’ll have all the information you need for realizing your dream bathroom.

Step 4 Bathroom planning: Your bathroom plan

5. Dealer search

To find the closest dealers, just enter your telephone number in the proper box. A list will appear and you can select the dealer you wish. Once selected, the dealer will be notified and will contact you and assist you with the detailed planning of your bathroom.

Step 5 Bathroom planning: Dealer search

The most important functions for designing your bathroom

The Villeroy & Boch online bathroom planner has many more options for designing your dream bathroom than conventional online design tools.

Ideal planning flexibility

  • Floor plans with dimensions
  • Choose predefined room shapes or create your own
  • Design and plan bathroom with 3D view
  • Inclusion of half walls, water and electrical connections
  • Editing of bathroom design project possible at later date

Many options for planning a bathroom

  • More than 60 different placeables like doors, windows, half walls
  • Color matching and configuration of individual components
  • Floors, walls and half walls can be individually tiled

Villeroy & Boch diversity

  • Unique selection of more than 15 Villeroy & Boch collections and more than 800 Villeroy & Boch products: Bathroom ceramic, bath tubs, shower stalls, bathroom furniture and tiles
  • Color matching for bathroom furniture
  • Drawers, cupboard doors and toilet seats can even be opened for selected items
  • Direct product search within bathroom planner

Your design in different formats

  • Floor plan, 3-D view and item list sent per email
  • Experience planning with Virtual Reality view and our free VR Cardboard