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Bathroom planning 

Here’s how to design your bathroom

Create the individual room structure.

Step 1

Add windows, doors, and connections.

Step 2

Design your ideal bathroom.

Step 3

Have your bathroom design sent.

Step 4

Let your local dealer help you.

Step 5

1. Floor plan

Use our pre-defined standard room shapes to create a basic floor plan with the dimensions of your bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t correspond to any of the default standard shapes, you can use “FREE-FORM ROOM” to create a room from scratch with your dimensions. To take ceiling slopes into account in your bathroom design, click on the ceiling symbol inside the walls that are affected.

2. Structural requirements

To make your plan reflect the actual conditions in your bathroom, add the existing windows and doors and electrical/water connections in the second step. The 3D bathroom planner will take these into account as you continue designing your bathroom so that when you implement it, there are no surprises.

3. Planning

Use Villeroy & Boch’s unique collections to find and select products you like and place them in the desired spot on your floor plan. If structural conditions make it impossible to place something, the bathroom planner immediately warn you. Thanks to the variety of views and perspectives, it's easy to coordinate individual products exactly and then view the design in 3D.

4. Your bathroom plan

After you have successfully finished designing your bathroom, you may have your design and all of the product information you need as well as additional design options sent to you as a PDF. Just enter your first name, last name and email address in the boxes shown for this and within a short time, you’ll have all the information you need for realizing your dream bathroom.

5. Dealer search

To find the closest dealers, just enter your telephone number in the proper box. A list will appear and you can select the dealer you wish. Once selected, the dealer will be notified and will contact you and assist you with the detailed planning of your bathroom.

Plan your bathroom design with our online Bathroom Planner

A tastefully planned bathroom is like a personal oasis of well-being in your own home - a place to retreat, to relax and to regenerate. Enjoy this added quality of living under your own roof, whether as a new construction or a renovation project. 

Design your dream bathroom with the online bathroom planner and then create a virtual view in just a few steps.

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Checklist for your bathroom design

Would you like to work with one of our authorized dealers in planning your very own personal dream bathroom? Before consulting with a dealer, we recommend that you prepare by filling out our checklist with the most important information about your room and what your individual wishes and expectations are. At the same time, each item offers an opportunity to reflect on the criteria that are most important to you in designing your new bathroom.

Download the free checklist as a PDF:



Bathroom inspiration for your dream bathroom

Add color to your bathroom for beautiful accents

Be inspired by our bathroom ideas and create your very own personal oasis of wellbeing. Discover the variety of colors, shapes, materials and accessories. 

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Bathroom collection bestsellers

Subway 2.0

The Subway 2.0 collection has an energizing purism and huge selection of models. With clearly defined design language and precise lines, the individual products radiate incomparable harmony.

Plan a bathroom with the Subway 2.0 collection


Experience the most luxurious expression of aesthetics with the Finion collection. The puristic design idea and the precisely worked materials flow together into high-quality products that radiated personality and promise the highest quality of life.

Plan a bathroom with the Finion collection


The Architectura system collection meets the highest standards of design and comfort. The rimless, ultra flat shower trays are particularly impressive - perfect for contemporary, timeless bathroom furnishings.

Plan a bathroom with the Architectura collection


First-class design and well-thought out functionality meet in the perfect symbiosis in Venticello. Both the ceramic products and bathroom furniture have a weightless beauty that still manage to be very practical and useful.

Plan a bathroom with the Venticello collection


FAQ's about the bathroom planner

How do I create an individually shaped room in the online bathroom planner?

First, select “Start” in the “Free-form room” under Room Shapes for an individual room shape. A grid will appear. Draw the shape of your room here: Click on the starting point and drag and drop the line in the desired direction. As soon as you release the line, the wall is created. Repeat this until you are back at the starting point.

How do I adjust the size of the bathroom in the bathroom planner?

You can adjust the size of the bathroom in the second step “Room” under “Size.” You can see a floor plan of your bathroom here. You can now select individual walls and move them using drag & drop. Or, you can enter the exact length of the individual walls and the wall height and thickness in the menu on the left instead. The size of the bathroom can also be adjusted after you have placed items in the room - they will stay even when the room size is changed.

How do I add spatial elements, like windows and doors, in my bathroom?

Room elements can be added to your bathroom in the second step "Room" under "Facilities.” To do this, click on a category in the left menu and select a room element: Use drag&drop to move the element to the desired spot in your bathroom. You can also drag and drop an already placed element at any time.

How do I add a partial wall in my bathroom?

After you have defined the room shape, you can add various partial walls to your bathroom in the second step “Room” under “Features”. Click on “Walls” in the left menu and select one of the partial walls. Use drag&drop to place it on an already existing wall in your bathroom. Once you have placed a partial wall, you can select and move it at any time.

How do I change the color/tiles of the floor or the walls in my bathroom?

Floors and walls, as well as other room elements in your bathroom, can be designed with various colors and tiles. Select the room element you want to color in the left menu under “Colors” in the second step “Room”. Or, you can simply select the element in the room. Then, click on the color you want in the pre-defined colors or Villeroy & Boch tiles.

How can I save my bathroom planning and continue at a later time?

You can save your bathroom design at any time and then come back and work on it by clicking on “Finish planning” in the fourth step “Finish”. After completing the contact form, you will receive a link to your individual planning and a PDF with the floorplan, a 3-D view and an itemized product list. Your design is now permanently saved and you can open and edit it at any time.

The most important functions for designing your bathroom

Ideal planning flexibility

  • Floor plans with dimensions
  • Choose predefined room shapes or create your own
  • Design and plan bathroom with 3D view
  • Inclusion of half walls, water and electrical connections
  • Editing of bathroom design project possible at later date

Many options for planning a bathroom

  • More than 60 different placeables like doors, windows, half walls
  • Color matching and configuration of individual components
  • Floors, walls and half walls can be individually tiled

Villeroy & Boch diversity

  • More than 60 different placeables like doors, windows, half walls
  • Color matching and configuration of individual components
  • Direct product search within bathroom planner

Your design in different formats

  • Floor plan, 3-D view and item list sent per email
  • Experience planning with Virtual Reality view and our free VR Cardboard 

Start planning now

Customer testimony

“If anyone remembers the early SimCity computer games, they’ll know what I mean - it’s really fun playing with room design. Villeroy & Boch’s online bathroom planner includes many different, very elegant bathroom collections, from trendy to classic. I love getting lost in a program like this and can spend hours messing around with my virtual bathroom. Luckily there’s also a couple of ready-to-go bathrooms for different needs, and they can be modified in just a few steps to fit your own ideas. Then, using the VR Cardboard, you can find out if it actually looks good and if all of the dimensions are correct. It’s perfect for people like me because my spacial sense is not always very accurate.”

Daniela Uhrich, Lady Blog:

“The 3D bathroom planner by Villeroy & Boch is one of the best on the market. The advantage of it is that you do not need to download and install any software. All of the designing happens online, and it’s clearly structured and intuitive to use. It also loads very fast, and if you accidentally close your browser, all your work is saved. I found it especially cool that I could have the results sent to me as a PDF so I could visualize them with the VR Cardboard.”

Ira Hachmann, Designdots: www.

Multiply awarded, simply outstanding

Villeroy & Boch stands for a perfect combination of functionality, comfort and design. Many Villeroy & Boch collections and products have been awarded design prizes.