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Bathroom furniture from Villeroy&Boch

Ideal use of space without sacrificing style

Furniture are a key design element in your bathroom. They set the stage for the bathroom ceramics and provide storage and convenience. That's why it is important that they match the style of the design and the ceramic elements. Villeroy & Boch offers bathroom furniture of all sizes, shapes, colors and designs. > Find out more

Vanity units

Vanity units Subway London

With the space saving solutions from Villeroy & Boch, you can keep everything you need within reach right underneath the sink. Add storage and order to even the smallest bathrooms.

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Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets

Our quality bathroom cabinets are a practical and stylish addition to any room. Choose from a variety of designs, sizes and colors.

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Bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors from Villeroy & Boch make any room appear larger while adding a stylish touch and providing a befitting frame for your reflection. Choose from large or small, plain or playful, illuminated or with hidden storage.

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What's your bathroom furniture style?

Bathroom furniture play an important part in planning your dream bathroom, so take some time to consider your options. Ask yourself a few basic questions during the bathroom planning process:

Spacious solutions

How much storage do you need? A family bathroom will need much more counter space than a guest bathroom. Remember that storage space doesn't just help you find things but also makes your bathroom look more organized. A bathroom that is neat and tidy always appears more generous and luxurious than a messy space – no matter how large or small the room is. Our bathroom planner is exactly what you need to help you visualize your dream bathroom down to the last detail before you build it.

Perfect combos

Would you like to combine bathroom furniture with sanitary fittings? Then you have come to the right place at Villeroy & Boch. We offer an excellent selection of stylish furniture and bathroom ceramics that are designed to complement each other in every way. For example, the Artis vessel sink goes perfectly with the Venticello vanity unit.

Colors and surfaces

Whenever wall and floor tiles are of the same color family, even small bathrooms appear more spacious and in synch. Select bathroom furniture in a contrasting color to create fresh, modern accents. A small detail may be all you need. Let your personal taste guide your surface selection: Warm wood creates a contrast to white ceramics, modern high-gloss materials create a homogenous look.

Bathroom furniture: How to find the right size

To ensure a harmonious interplay of functionality and design in the bathroom, the sizes of bathroom furniture and sanitary fittings should be perfectly proportioned. Villeroy & Boch allows you to choose from standard sizes and custom measurements. But what exactly do you need to watch out for when choosing the right size?

Vanity washbasins and vanity units

The vanity units are sized to match the washbasin. This way, you can rest assured that you will always have a perfect fit. In addition, the Legato vanity unit for surface-mounted washbasins offers the option of designing a custom piece of furniture just for your bathroom.

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Drawers and doors

Most Villeroy & Boch furniture come with one or two optional drawers. Make sure there is enough space between your vanity area and any furniture to allow the doors of your bathroom cabinets to open all the way. If you are looking at tall cabinets or additional storage units, remember to measure your space to ensure a proper fit.

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The ideal combination for your dream bathroom

Villeroy & Boch is your bath and wellness expert, providing you with the inspiration and options you need to design a bathroom that reflects your decorating and lifestyle. Create your bathroom masterpiece with furniture, sanitary fittings and tiles that have been crafted with harmony in mind.

One design – endless combinations

If you want to mix and match furniture in your bathroom, you should select pieces from the same Villeroy & Boch collection. This ensures a cohesive look without much effort. Depending on your available space, you might choose a vanity unit and several cabinets from one collection.