Toilets from Villeroy & Boch

Elegant design and seating comfort.

Designer toilets with Villeroy & Boch

Whether a new bathroom or a remodel: Villeroy & Boch toilets give you a variety of design options. That's why you need to consider a few aspects when buying a designer toilet to find the one that suits your needs. For example, whether to go with a once-piece wall-mounted toilet or a two-piece floor-mounted toilet is primarily determined by the structural requirements of your bathroom, while the type of flushing device is more a matter of personal taste. The look and style that you want to create with your designer toilet is up to you. The aesthetics you choose should blend in with your overall bathroom design, from sink to shower to bathtub, and form a harmonious whole.

Installation type

Bathroom ceramics are available with two different installation options: Your designer toilet can either be wall-mounted or floor-mounted. Whether you choose a floor-mounted toilet depends, among other things, on the structural requirements of your bathroom. Floor-mounted toilets have a sturdy base and may have an additional ceramic tank. In the case of a free-standing toilet, the outlet can either be in the floor or recessed in the wall, making this type of installation suitable for both types of drain setup. Many modern bathrooms have a rear outlet toilet with a horizontal drain that connects to the wall. With a vertical outlet, however, the water flows down into the floor.

The wall-mounted toilet is the most popular type of installation today. Wall mounting makes your bathroom ceramics appear to float in the room. With wall-mounted toilets, no plumbing can be seen. The water tank also usually disappears behind the mounting element. In addition, wall-mounted toilets are characterized by particularly uncomplicated cleaning. However, this solution is only possible with a horizontal outlet. Thanks to SupraFix, wall-mounted toilet bowls from Villeroy & Boch are particularly easy to install. The patented wall mounting system hides all the mounting elements in the ceramic and ensures that you can align the toilet seat with the toilet bowl with millimeter precision to suit your needs.

The surface

Toilet hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom are of utmost importance. Innovative finishing processes ensure long-lasting, smooth and almost scratch-proof surfaces where dirt and limescale can barely attach. Thanks to a sophisticated surface finish, Villeroy & Boch bathroom ceramics also boast exclusive benefits when it comes to cleaning. CeramicPlus makes the toilet cleaning process extremely easy. The dirt-repellent surface of the ceramics allows water to pearl off and simply flow down the drain. AntiBac ensures even more hygiene. Toilets equipped with this surface technology are permanently protected against bacteria.

The design

Round, elongated or angular: The Villeroy & Boch designer toilets let you choose the shape of your toilet bowl. Round toilets offer outstanding sitting comfort and are particularly popular. Angular toilets always have a modern touch. Their clear design language sets a stylish accent in your bathroom. This toilet style also ensures outstanding sitting comfort. Compact toilets are characterized by a low height so that they fit even into the smallest bathroom. They are ideal for guest bathrooms because of their space-saving design.


The appealing shape of Villeroy & Boch bathroom ceramics goes hand in hand with superior quality. Select materials and detailed finishing processes give our beautifully shaped toilets a long service life and ensure consistently high product quality for your private moments.

From toilet seat with auto-close function to bidet toilets

Villeroy & Boch offers exclusive bathroom ceramics and clever toilet seats that allow you to enjoy extraordinary comfort experiences. With a sensor-controlled auto-close lid, integrated night light and a heated seat with adjustable temperature settings, this toilet leaves nothing to be desired. Elongated toilets are particularly convenient. Villeroy & Boch's elongated models provide the perfect bathroom solution for wheelchair users and their special needs. The unique design facilitates moving from wheelchair to toilet and makes dealing with this everyday task significantly easier. In addition, Villeroy & Boch’s ViFresh gives toilets a touch of extra freshness with every flush. This hygiene solution is embedded directly into the ceramic toilet and ensures a fresh fragrance and a well-dosed moment of care with every flush. Villeroy & Boch bidet toilets offer a special kind of comfort. The pleasantly warm water spray, which can be individually adjusted, allows for ultimate hygienic cleansing. The appealing design does not reveal the practical bidet attachments from the outside, which makes the comfort experience of the luxurious bidet toilets complete.