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Toilet seats from Villeroy & Boch

It is indispensable, and yet it often leads a shadowy existence: The toilet seat. There are many models that are not only functional but also attractive to look at. The best case is when the toilet seat detail harmoniously blends with the rest of the bathroom furnishings, or makes a strong color accent.

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Toilet seats - selection criteria

To easily find the right toilet seat, you should first think about a couple of things and keep them in mind when you make your selection. In principle, a toilet seat must match the toilet in terms of size, shape and hue. There is also a wide choice of materials, which differ not only in price but also in comfort, stability and durability.

Antheus toilet seats from Villeroy & Boch

Dimensions and size

An important criterion for selecting a toilet seat is the dimensions and size. A seat that is too small can slip, a seat that is too large protrudes over the edges of the toilet. Be sure to first measure your toilet carefully to determine the exact length and width.

Length and width of the toilet

The length is measured from the center of the rear holes to the outer front edge of the bowl.

To determine the exact width, measure the greatest distance between the lateral walls of the toilet, again from one outside to the other.

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Hole distance

You should also determine the exact distance between the holes on the back of the toilet bowl: Measure from the center of one hole to the center of the other. Many toilet seats are equipped with a fastening system that allow adjustment for small differences. That provides greater flexibility in hole spacing than with fixed sizes on a toilet seat.


In order for the toilet seat to fit optimally on the bowl, both must have the same basic shape. In practice, three forms of toilet bowls and seats have emerged:

Oval toilet seats

Oval toilet seats create a very tidy impression. The curved lines appear elegant but don’t take center stage.
That’s why oval toilet seats blend harmoniously into almost any environment.

D-shaped toilet seats

The most common toilet seat is the D-shape. Particularly with facade-mounted toilets, the classic oval is not a choice. Seen from above, the toilet ceramic looks like a D on its flank with the straight flank at the back even with the facade. With the matching toilet seat in a D-shape, a modern and harmonious overall picture is created.

Angular toilet seats

Toilets with corners and edges, i.e. a rather rectangular, basic shape, look even more modern. Matching toilet seats and lids, which reflect the straight lines again, are also available for these models.

Toilet seat with comfort function

Villeroy & Boch’s modern toilet seat systems often also offer additional comfort functions, such as an automatic lowering mechanism or quick-release fasteners for easier cleaning.

Toilet seat with automatic seat lowering

A toilet seat with an automatic lowering instrument, springs or rotation dampers are integrated in the joints to prevent the lid or seat from closing noisily. This is especially important in households with little kids, as the controlled closing reduces the risk of injury in addition to reducing noise. It also protects the surfaces of the toilet seat and the toilet.

Toilet seats from Villeroy & Boch

Easier cleaning with quick-release fasteners

A toilet seat should be routinely cleaned just like the toilet itself. Our QuickRelease function for toilet seats makes this task particularly easy. The seat can be easily removed from the toilet without tools and cleaned separately. If you are looking for maximum comfort, you should choose a toilet seat with automatic closing and quick release .