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Toilet seat and cover Oval


Subway WCs, Toilet seats, Toilet seat standard, Toilet seat with QuickRelease, Toilet seat with SoftClosing
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Subway WCs, Toilet seats, Toilet seat standard, Toilet seat with QuickRelease, Toilet seat with SoftClosing

Toilet seat and cover Oval


() Oval 9M55U1

Colour: White Alpin
White Alpin
White Alpin



  • Its soft shape makes the toilet seat an eye-catcher
  • The right toilet seat for a harmonious unit with the toilet
  • SoftClosing allows for particularly quiet closing of the toilet seat cover
  • QuickRelease - Particularly easy removal and reattachment of toilet seats
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Product description

Subway from Villeroy & Boch


Subway – A simple aesthetic statement.

The Subway collection offers functional design at an excellent price/performance ratio.

  • SlimSeat: Available in an extra slim shape
  • Soft styling that fits seamlessly into the bathroom design
  • Equipped with SoftClosing and QuickRelease depending on model
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Subway 2.0 from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Subway 2.0

Product type

Beautifully designed and functional - toilet seats from Villeroy & Boch

At Villeroy & Boch, you will find a selection of high-quality and beautifully designed toilet seats made of Duroplast for any toilet model. Practical features and smart extras, such as SoftClosing and QuickRelease, which were offered first by Villeroy & Boch, ensure maximum comfort and easy cleaning. On top of all that, lids and covers have an excellent Villeroy & Boch quality.

  • Villeroy & Boch tests all products in its own laboratory beyond the standard requirements
  • Available with smart extras, such as SoftClosing and QuickRelease
  • Large selection of shapes - from the modern SlimSeat to the comfortable ComfortSeat
  • The shapes of toilets and toilet seats are ideally coordinated with one another
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ViSeat SoftClosing technology from Villeroy & Boch

Product feature

SoftClosing - silent. Safe. Comfortable.

Thanks to special dampers built into the hinges, totos with SoftClosing technology from Villeroy & Boch close gently and silently. The automatic closing mechanism increases the level of convenience and also prevents little hands from getting pinched.

  • Silent closing and opening of toilet seats
  • Thanks to the automatic closing mechanism, neither the cover nor the seat can fall down uncontrolled
  • Safer for children in the bathroom
  • Tested safety with > 70 thousand cycles
QuickRelease from Villeroy & Boch

Product feature

QuickRelease - Easy, quick and hygienic.

Toilet seats with QuickRelease technology can be removed in one go. In this way, the toilet can easily be cleaned, even in those hard-to-reach places. Afterwards, the toilet seat can be reattached just as easily.

  • For hygienic thorough cleaning of the toilet and toilet seat
  • Easily remove and reattach the seat in a few steps
  • Perfect for quickly, easily and completely cleaning the toilet seat

Technical information

Collection Subway
Model 9M55U1
Weight 8,04 lbs
Product designation Toilet seat and cover

Duroplast. With QuickRelease and SoftClosing toogle hinges in stainless steel

Material Duroplast
Form Oval