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Bathtub Back-to-wall bath

Oberon 2.0

Oberon 2.0 Partial wall bathtubs
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Oberon 2.0 Partial wall bathtubs

Bathtub Back-to-wall bath

Oberon 2.0

70 7/8" x 31 1/2" (1800 x 800 mm) Back-to-wall bath UBQ180OBR9CD00FV

Colour: White Alpin
White Alpin
White Alpin



  • Custom bath tubs – a sophisticated solution for smaller spaces
  • Freestanding or drop-in bathtubs for two with a drain centrally positioned on the floor surface
  • Made of impact resistant, shock resistant and scratchproof Quaryl®
  • Optional water supply and overflow combination
  • Optional grab bar attaches to the tub rim
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Product description

Loop & Friends from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Loop & Friends

Product type

Custom-designed bathtubs: Add more space to your bathroom

Villeroy & Boch offers a range of exclusive, custom-designed bathtubs in striking shapes to meet individual requirements, such as our duo soaker tubs with room for two people to sit or our practical 2-in-1 shower and bath combos. The latter in particular is an ideal choice for people with limited bathroom space.

  • For exceptional bathroom design
  • Trapeze-shaped bathtubs make the most of tight spaces
  • 2-in-1 combo bathtub with an attached shower wall – ideal for guest bathrooms
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Loop & Friends from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Loop & Friends

Product feature

Duo bathtub

Whether you are taking a bath alone or with a partner – a duo bathtub from Villeroy & Boch meets all your needs. The large bathtubs feature a drain centrally positioned on the floor surface, allowing two people to bathe in comfort. With its generous proportions, it is also a perfect fit for tall people. The durable tubs boast a high-quality acrylic or Quaryl® finish for maximum comfort.

  • Available with acrylic and Quaryl® finishes
  • Modern design
  • Enjoy a relaxing bath together
  • The extended length ensures ultimate comfort even for taller people
Quaryl from Villeroy & Boch


Quaryl® – Nature perfected.

Villeroy & Boch's exclusive Quaryl® material combines cutting-edge technology with aesthetic appeal. It consists of a carefully developed blend of quartz and sanitary grade acrylic. The material's great malleability opens up new horizons for designing bathtubs and shower pans. The non-slip surface ensures secure footing in the tub.

  • Sound absorbing for a more relaxing bath experience
  • Smooth, non-porous and seamless design for easy cleaning
  • Enhanced thermal insulation keeps water warmer longer
  • Anti-slip surface (TÜV-LGA tested)
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Optional features

Squaro Edge 12 from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Squaro Edge 12

Optional accessory

Built-in water supply

Villeroy & Boch bathtubs allow for the water supply and overflow to be integrated in one piece. This creates a more streamlined design, allowing the bathtub to be filled without the need for additional faucets or fixtures.

  • An innovative highlight in contemporary bath design
  • Integrating the water supply in the overflow creates a sleek look that hides the faucet hardware
  • Tub fills up quickly thanks to the high flow rate
  • The water is enriched with oxygen for a smooth flow
Optional grab handle on the rim

Optional accessory

Optional bath handles

Bath handles provide added safety when getting into or stepping out of the bathtub.

  • High-quality, durable grab bar made out of brass with chrome
  • Bath handles provide assistance for people of all ages in the bathroom
  • The handles provide support when sitting down or standing up from a seated bath
  • Enhance the safety of your bathroom

Technical information

Collection Oberon 2.0
Model UBQ180OBR9CD00FV
Width 31 1/2" inch
Depth 18 1/8" inch
Length 70 7/8" inch
Weight 228,84 lbs
Product designation Bathtub

Duo. Litres incl. 1 pers: 205. Including extended waste/overflow combination (chrome-plated and white).. incl. Quaryl® panel in the same color as the bath

Material Quaryl®
Form Back-to-wall bath