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Siphonic urinal Eco Rectangle

O.novo Institutionals

O.novo Institutionals Suction urinals
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O.novo Institutionals Suction urinals

Siphonic urinal Eco Rectangle

O.novo Institutionals

15 1/2" x 22" x 12 5/8" (393 x 559 x 321 mm) Rectangle 752500

Colour: White Alpin
White Alpin
White Alpin



  • Modern urinal developed for the professional
  • Ideal for highly-frequented restrooms
  • The rimless toilet generation - maximum purity and perfect design
  • CeramicPlus for quick and hygienic cleaning
  • Sanitary ware is particularly durable and easy to clean
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Product description

O.novo from Villeroy & Boch


O.novo - Unexpected. Versatile. Good value.

O.novo from Villeroy & Boch offers the full range of modern bathroom design. The diverse product range covers everything from bathroom sinks to shower trays and toilets. The different products can be combined with one another to match your personal style. The bathroom sinks impress with their clean design and versatile installation options.

  • Modern, versatile design
  • Large assortment for any need
  • Can be combined with numerous Villeroy & Boch collections
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O.novo from Villeroy & Boch llustration: O.novo

Product type

That little bit extra in the bathroom - urinals from Villeroy & Boch

A urinal can fit in almost any bathroom and is a useful addition to your toilet. The attractive designs of Villeroy & Boch’s elegantly-shaped urinals add value to your home while providing maximum functionality. In addition, they are ideal for the public sector.

  • The lower flushing volume continuously saves water
  • The flow-optimized geometry of the bowl avoids unpleasant splashing and limescale
  • The design is perfectly tailored to other products from Villeroy & Boch
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DirectFlush from Villeroy & Boch

Product feature

DirectFlush - Hygiene par excellence

The rimless toilet technology DirectFlush from Villeroy & Boch meets the highest standards for hygiene and efficiency, allowing for a particularly quick and thorough toilet cleaning. With DirectFlush, you avoid residue in the toilet and can effectively reduce unpleasant odors.

  • Easier and faster cleaning compared to conventional toilets
  • The toilet design is optimized for flushing the entire inner bowl
  • Precise and splash-free water flow right up to the edge of the bowl
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CeramicPlus from Villeroy & Boch

Product feature

CeramicPlus - Less cleaning – more time to enjoy life

CeramicPlus - the dirt-repellent surface for sanitary ware - makes it easier for you to clean the bathroom. The innovative finishing process ensures that drops of water on the surface immediately flow together to form beads of water that then run off easily with the dirt and lime dissolved in them.

  • CeramicPlus ensures optimal hygiene and cleanliness
  • Proven 90% time savings when cleaning the bathroom
  • Environmentally-friendly, since only 10% of the usual amount of cleaning agents are needed
  • Resistant to household cleaners and cosmetic products
Sanitary ceramic from Villeroy & Boch


Sanitary ware - The perfect material for your bathroom

Sanitary ware is the perfect material for bathroom sinks, toilets and bidets. Sanitary ware from Villeroy & Boch is fired at 1200 °C and meets the highest standards with respect to resistance and hygiene. Additional glazes, such as CeramicPlus and AntiBac, make it easier to clean thanks to their antibacterial protection and dirt-repellent surface. Sanitary ware is resistant to impacts and scratches.

  • Durable and hygienic thanks to the thick multiple-layer glaze
  • Very resistant to scratches and impacts
  • Particularly easy to clean thanks to the antibacterial and dirt-repellent surfaces
  • Sustainably made from completely natural materials

Technical information

Collection O.novo Institutionals
Model 752500
Width 15 1/2" inch
Depth 12 5/8" inch
Weight 41,45 lbs
Product designation Siphonic urinal Eco

Siphon. Sanitary ceramics. fixation included

Material Sanitary ceramics
Form Rectangle



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