The wellness bathroom

A personal wellness oasis in your own home.

There is a room in your home where moments of relaxation, invigoration and mental escapes can fit with ease into your busy daily routine. That place is your bathroom. Yes, your bathroom, if designed properly, can transform into your very own private wellness retreat. You start and end each day in your bathroom, so having a room that exudes a calming ambiance is a great way to ensure that you are living a peaceful, healthy life. 

Creating a Place of Wellness in Your Bathroom

Crafting a space where you can fully relax and unwind day after day starts with an attractive and pleasant design scheme that supports such an atmosphere. Use a warm color scheme and materials such as wood and natural stone to promote relaxation. Equip the room with good, dimmable lighting and a sound system for background music if possible. Spaces with large windows make for wonderful wellness retreats, and if you have such a space, we recommend placing a freestanding bathtub in front of the window to inspire daily escapes while bathing. A sitting area and keeping the room at a comfortable temperature is also recommended.

Once you craft such a room, one that promotes relaxation through its smart design, you can enjoy wellness moments that fit into your busy daily routine, ensuring peacefulness at the beginning and end of every day.

La Belle freestanding bathtub
Aveo freestanding bathtub

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