Our new TitanGlaze overglaze doesn’t need shimmer in order to shine! Its sophisticated matte appearance is both extraordinarily beautiful and extremely durable. The pure, crystalline aluminum oxide in TitanGlaze gives ceramics a surface that is especially resistant to scratches and impact. It preserves its unique appearance so that your bathroom looks as flawless as it did on the first day.


Trendy Matte Appearance

Matte colors are one of the biggest trends in interior design. Its understated appearance defines a very modern, urban look in the bathroom. The matte in our new TitanGlaze overglaze looks exceptionally upscale and gives ceramic a puristic elegance and individuality - perfect for making strong design accents. 

Timeless Beauty

Unique Durability

Even if your bathroom sink falls, TitanGlaze won’t show the scars. Because the new overglaze is a strong protective layer, developed with all of our ceramics experience, especially for matte colors. TitanGlaze has already proven its high durability in multiple tests. You can relax and enjoy the beauty of your bathroom.

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Round or oval, rectangular or square - the delicate Artis sink sets
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Venticello’s slim design covers the entire line. In light, matte Stone White, the sinks become a modern statement for the trend-conscious connoisseur.

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