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Memento bidet from Villeroy & Boch

Mounting bidets on the facade is a good alternative to the classic floor-standing bidet. Wall mounting is easy to implement with a modern partial facade installation and offers some advantages: Thanks to the variable attachment, the height of the bidet can be wherever you want it. Cleaning the bathroom floor is also easier because the facade-mounted bidet has no pedestal. Installations not dependent on the floor have a light, elegant appearance and your floor tiles will also appear more perfectly.

With a facade-mounted bidet from Villeroy & Boch, you can combine stylishness with perfect hygiene. Discover our exclusive product line and compile a premium bidet system to fully match your wishes and needs. Be inspired by our classic and modern constructions, designs and multitude of bidet systems for every bathroom style.

High quality bidets, facade-mounted and with CeramicPlus surface finish

The innovative CeramicPlus finish by Villeroy & Boch is a luxuriously smooth, long-lasting and easy-care sanitary ceramic with lotus effect. Liquids simply pearl off the refined ceramic surface leaving only shine and freshness behind. Only a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, is needed for hygienically cleaning and caring for the bidet and, from time to time, a mild cleanser. Scouring powder or heavy cleaning with chemical agents are a thing of the past. That saves time and work - and is better for your health as well as for the environment and your wallet.

Wall-mounted bidet from Villeroy & Boch

All bidets from Villeroy & Boch feature top quality materials, outstanding processing and long-lasting quality that will give you pleasure every day for many years. Select toilets, bidets, sinks and showers/bathtubs all from the same range to give your bathroom a total look - or, combine various product lines to create your individual dream bathroom.

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Wall-mounted bidets - Installing and connecting

When bidets are mounted on the facade, the lines and installation can be hidden in the facade. Even the connectors on a bidet are covered with shapely, easy-to-clean caps. Wall bidets have become the most popular bidet systems.

Finion bidet from Villeroy & Boch

Bidets are basically installed the same as a bathroom sink. The only difference is the lower position. And of course, the bidet must be mounted on the facade so that large and heavy people can also use it and be able to freely move during cleaning. The right attachment kit ensures the necessary stably and safety for facade mounting. Each one of our bidets comes with an illustratedinstallation instruction that makes mounting easier for you or your specialist.

The bidet drain is connected to a siphon which is then connected to the house waste water system. To connect the cold and hot water, you will need two angle valves. These are screwed onto the facade connector and then connected to the bidet faucet using two lines. The usual sitting height of a bidet is 40 cm, but with facade-mounted bidets, it's up to you to decide how high to place it. The classic bidet has no lid but we also offer bidets with lids or a matching lid can be added later.

Wall-mounted bidet from Villeroy & Boch

The stability of the facade anchoring must meet the highest standards because bidets by nature have to carry heavier loads than sinks. To be completely safe, use the correct attachment kit from Villeroy & Boch for your facade-mounted bidet. If the bidet is being anchored directly into a solid facade, the needed load bearing can be achieved with an extra-long bolt (hanger bolt) and special screw anchors matched to your facade material. Also, if you are not an expert in plumbing, better to have the bidet and connections made by a specialist.

Installing facade-mounted bidets on a partial facade module

Wall-mounted bidet from Villeroy & Boch

You can freely arrange the sanitary ceramic in your bathroom with the right partial facade modules. In most cases, the toilet and bidets should be positioned closely together in order to make the switch from one to the other quick and easy. Modern, partial-facade installation makes work easier because standard components are used. Important installation elements, such as drain connection, anchor points and attachments are already arranged and can be connected using a sturdy frame construction made of metal so it can’t crack or rip. With standardized dimensions, fitting is no problem during installation - whether the partial facade element is used in a new bathroom or installed on an existing facade.

The bidet - a practical addition for any bathroom

Antheus bidet from Villeroy & Boch

Bidets have been traditionally used for healthy and gentle cleaning of the genital area after using the toilet as well as for washing feet and for sitz baths. In Germany, however, sitz bath basins are less available than in many neighboring countries. In Italy, for example, over ninety percent of all bathrooms have a bidet, while here in Germany, it’s only around three percent. This is a shame because there is nothing better and more gentle than clear water for daily cleaning of genitalia. It is also much more comfortable and safe to clean the genital area while sitting.

Seniors and people with movement restrictions can also use a bidet without danger. When remodeling a bathroom to make it barrier-free, ADA-compliant or suitable for seniors, installing additional hand rails and enough free space around it makes it even safer with more freedom of movement.

The environmental aspect is also significant because by using water for cleaning, no toilet paper is needed. It is up to each individual to decide if they want to use the bidet for finishing up or completely do without toilet paper.