Rectangular Bathtubs from Villeroy & Boch

Ideal for Any Bathroom.

Rectangular bathtubs from Villeroy & Boch

Whether the bathtub is free-standing at a right angle in the middle of the bathroom, or needs to be placed in a corner: Rectangular bathtubs make for easy installation in almost any bathroom. But the inside tub form comes in a multiplicity of different models and designs. Ultimately, your new bathtub needs to match your individual living and decorating style while providing comfort for both soaking and showering.

Rectangular bathtubs from Villeroy & Boch
Rectangular bathtubs from Villeroy & Boch

Discover the large selection of different models for both large bathrooms with a lot of space and room as well as for small (guest) bathrooms where every centimeter needs to be used without sacrificing relaxing baths in a tub. For very small bathrooms, a narrowly designed tub that nestles in the corner is a good solution. If you like to enjoy a bath with your partner or the whole family, you’ll want a generously sized tub with a lot of space for relaxing, soaking, splashing and playing.

What are rectangular bathtubs made of?

High-quality bathtubs are made of materials that are especially long-lasting and resistant. Acrylic is a classic plastic that is easy to clean, pore-free and seamlessly smooth. Acrylic has a warm surface that is particularly pleasant to the touch.

An advanced development of this classic are the bathtubs made of Quaryl®, an innovative material from Villeroy & Boch. Quaryl® is a fixture of 60 percent finely ground quartz sand and sanitary acrylic, the best of both worlds. Bathtubs made of Quaryl® have a very smooth and warm surface which also holds the warmth of the bathwater particularly good. That means you can enjoy your bath longer and save water. Plus, many of our Quaryl® bathtubs have been recognized for their elegant, timeless detail with national and international design awards.

Rectangular bathtubs from Villeroy & Boch
Rectangular bathtubs from Villeroy & Boch

Acrylic and Quaryl® are particularly easy to clean and care for

Whether you choose acrylic or Quaryl® for the surface of your rectangular bathtub, the surface is very easy to clean because it has no seams or porousness. Scale spots can be easily removed with household vinegar or a special scale remover, while greasy residues only need an alkaline cleaner such as detergent.

The plastic is completely colored, meaning that small scratches or other nicks don’t show. If you have superficial damage on your acrylic bathtub, a care kit is available from your specialist. To fix deeper damage, a special repair kit is available for filling gouges or large scratches.

Make the most of your bathroom

A rectangular bathtub offers many options for how and where to install it. The new rectangular bathtub with tub support can simply be positioned in a corner so that two of the four sides are against the walls. This is an optimal use of available space in your bathroom, allowing you to enjoy a bath any time.

If your bathroom has a larger floor area, you can also place it in a more dramatic way, with only one flank against a facade, or even completely free-standing. A tub on a pedestal covered with matching tile looks especially sophisticated. Or, you can have your new bathtub recessed into the floor so that it seems to melt into the surroundings. For this, you will need either a bathroom with sufficient ceiling height or, alternatively, space below the floor - about 50 cm are enough for recessing a tub in the floor.